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    -  Oh, how did I happen to be in this box?


On January 7, 1997 it was the first time TELEVEZIRI appeared on the screen. A funny man – a 4-year-old boy’s drawing, which was placed in the TV frame, became suddenly alive, demonstrated courage and announced him to be a “TELEVEZIRI”;

TELEVEZIRI came up with a new game – asked children to send their paintings with the hope that they would also reanimate and he wouldn’t be alone;

TELEVEZIRI acquired numerous friends. The characters sent by children became alive and further engaged in various adventures or troubles together with him.

As a result, there were created animated films: “Televeziri-94,” “Andro and Daro,” “Magnificent sky-Layer of Ozone,” “Autumn Bus,” and “Ponto, the Black, Black sea,” which won number of festivals in different countries...

         1999 – France, Paris. RIENA-99, International Environment Protection Film Festival. Prize for “The Best Animation Film”;

2001- Turkey, Antalya. The 38th GOLDEN ORANGE International Film Festival. Prize for “The Best Animation Film” and the “Jury’s Special Prize”.

2001 - Germany, Berlin. ECOMOVE - 2001. International Environment Protection Film Festival. Prize: "Royal Award".

          2006 - Vilnius, Lithuania. International Animation Film Festival TINDIRINDIS. Prize: "Best Made By Children" and etc.


 “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”

“The Knight in the Panther’s skin” was verbally spread to upcoming generations. It always served as a perfect example of love, friendship and heroism.

Our group has been travelling in different corners of Georgia (Kakheti, Javakheti, Kazbegi, Svaneti, Tianeti, Samachablo…) for last ten years; we are looking for and discovering children, who know specific strophes of the “The Knight in the Panther’s skin” by heart.

We read, tell, study the strophes of “The Knight in the Panther’s skin” together; recall forgotten words, think and discuss poetic language and rhythms, behavior of heroes, stories told in the poem. We paint, talk, record children’s voices and film the whole process. Eventually, children come up with their own perception of Tinatin, Tariel, Nestan and Avtandil in different scenes.

Paintings and strophes told by children from different regions of Georgia, express unique attitude, mood and sounding typical for each corner.

Since 2003, we have recorded more than 900 children from different corners of Georgia; more than 500 paintings describing the plot of the poem were created. We plan to continue arranging expeditions in different regions of Georgia and abroad - Tao – Klarjeti, Fereydan and Saingilo, also we plan radio and TV shows cycle in order to involve increased number of children.

The best audio recordings, paintings and calligraphy samples are permanently placed on the interactive web-page (, using collected material, we intend to shoot the animated film “The Knight in the Panther’s skin”, as well as the documentary film, which will depict the “behind the scenes” working process. Moreover, the book containing children’s illustrations will be published.

Until 2013, the project Studio “TELEVEZIRI” was implemented without financial resources, based on the enthusiasm of the creative group. Since 2013 it proceeded with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

In order to implement the project, we continue to look for support and partners.

We kindly request your support, so that we can collaboratively realize our intentions and accomplish set goals.

In addition, we kindly encourage schools, creative workshops and every volunteer to feel free and send us their paintings and audio recordings.


You can contact us at:

Tel: +995 32 299 02 63; +995 577 46 61 08; +995 551 90 83 18

Adress: G. Leonidze St. 18, 0105 Tbilisi.


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Creative Group:

The Author, Producer and Director of the Project: Nodar Begiashvili;

Painters: Ani Gogorishvili, Ana Begiashvili, Nano Zazashvili;

Animator: Temo Iremadze, Giorgi Manjavidze, Archil Kukhianidze, Toma Begiashvili;

Sound Producer: Giorgi Baidauri;

Movie Operator: Davit Gogilashvili, Shalva Sokhurashvili, Archil Kukhianidze, Lomero Axvlediani;

Assistant: Sopho Kashakashvili;

Manager: Davit Gogilashvili, Elene Kvintradze, Lika Megreladze, Davit Mamulashvili;

Consultant: Manana Begiashvili;

Webmaster: Gia Tsartsidze Giorgi Morbedadze